Emma Holbrook is a filmmaker, video editor, musician and graphic designer currently based in the South West. She moved back to Somerset shortly after graduating from the University of Reading in Film and Drama where she started working as a freelancer producing video work under the brand name of 'Laconic Film'.

She has worked on drama and documentary feature films, music videos, multicamera and live events. Her background in theatre education and performance has also extended into lighting and sound where she has worked as a touring theatre technician on several occasions.

Emma’s musical background first began playing the drums from a very young age and her love of film and music combined has led her on to perform and compose in a wide range of acts and musical styles including funk, rock, dance, flamenco and samba. Her composition work has been used for contemporary dance, short film and theatre.

Su Mo (or Sumo) was born in Southampton in 1981 and spent most of her upbringing in Somerset. Music and visual arts has always been her strongest interests and having achieved a BA Hons in Contemporary Music & Visual Arts at Dartington College of Arts, she is now currently practising these skills in her work and art, in freelance and employed positions.

Su’s main instruments are banjo and fiddle particularly in Old Time Appalachian Music.

As a Chinese artist brought up in UK, cultural influence has been her interest in music. She has joined ensembles such as Indonesian Gamelan and Samba studying not only the music but also the technique of tuition. With an interest in such genres, Su has helped with cultural exchange by promoting the Dartington Gamelan and SCAT Samba to perform in areas where little is known about the music. The MultiCultural Festival in 2004 held in Taunton, Somerset was one of her largest projects involving Asian arts in Taunton.

Su’s experiences at Dartington have since inspired her to produce projects of experimental music and visual arts for Somerset. The White Spring walk-thru has been one her latest film installations with a collaboration of local & international artists showing 3 site-specific films in the White Spring Reservoir at Glastonbury.

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